When you contact The Nathanson Law Firm PC for debt collection services, we'll be following a defined set of steps to obtain resolution for you.

First, we'll need information about the debt. We can work with whatever information you have, but if you can provide complete documentation supporting your claim - invoices, purchase order numbers, signed contracts or other documentation - you will get a better result. You'll also need to provide information about how to contact the debtor - names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses.

We will contact the debtor to attempt an expedient resolution of your claim with immediate payment or a payment plan. Our goal is to attempt to preserve the business relationship between you and the debtor through mediation. This will save you and us the time and expense of lengthy court proceedings.

If mediation fails to produce results, it may be appropriate to file suit to reduce the debt to judgment. Once reduced to judgment, we have a wealth of legal processes that assist in liquidating the judgment, including garnishment, seizure of property, receivership and other legal means to capture and liquidate assets to satisfy the debt.

Our fees are reasonable and reflect the care we take with every debt collection process.

The Nathanson Law Firm Client Bill of Rights™

We treat our clients differently than other firms do.

  • You will always get a return phone call
  • You will always have access to lawyers - and if you desire - direct access to Keith Nathanson
  • We attempt to work with you and the debtor to resolve the matter and treat everyone with respect and dignity in a Win-Win for everybody. We give the debtor the ability to pay - the debtor wins because they are treated with respect - so they want to pay. You win because the debt is resolved and your relationship with the debtor is preserved
  • You will never be passed off to a paralegal or office staff
  • If you want information from an attorney, you will speak to an attorney
  • You will receive copies of everything in your file
  • You will always be treated honestly and with respect
  • Always know - your case is as important to us as it is to you
  • Your file will be handled in a timely, efficient manner
  • We will devote 100% of our efforts to receiving results in your favor
  • Clients will receive personal cell phone numbers for direct contact with attorneys

The Nathanson Law firm does not use collection agency tactics - we obtain resolution with respect and dignity.

Want to get started on collecting your receivables? Contact us today.

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“Nathanson got results and the fees were low. We use them for all our collection work.”